Only Rs 14 lakhs ‘iPod’!!

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If you have an opportunity to buy old MP3. How much can you buy? Maybe you will not buy as an old item. You can not deny old things as close as you can. But, ‘Old to Son’ is being sold as an 18-year old iPod. Its price There is a total of 14 lakh rupees. Specially, this iPod is in the original box and its packing is preserved.

This iPod E-commerce site in First Generation has been put on sale for eBay. It costs 20 thousand dollars, which is about 14 lakh rupees. In October 2001, Steve Jobs launched an iPod saying, in your pocket, 1000 songs. The 14-million IPod has 5 GB hard drive, two inch LCD screen and one scroll wheel. In addition, the iPod has a 10-hour battery backup.

There are two reasons behind selling for 14 lakh rupees. One of the reasons is that the iPod is 18 years old and having an iPod is considered to be modern. Another reason is that the iPod is an important device in Apple’s early days. That’s why Apple’s wish would be to include an iPod in your personal collection. The IPOD was launched at a price of $ 99 (about Rs 28,000).

The iPod then became an important part of many lives. The iPod replaced Walkman in the changing times. The iPod is not so popular due to the current smartphone. Apple is now selling only one iPod device iPod Touch. The production of these series has been discontinued in 2017.


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