This company will now bring 64MP camera foggy smartphone!!

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Redmi, a subsidiary of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, shared an image on its official Weibo account with a 64-megapixel camera sensor with its first handset on Monday. Rumors have been circulating about Xiaomi’s 64-megapixel phone, but now the company has confirmed that it is working on making a 64-megapixel smartphone. That means Xiaomi will be the first company in the world to launch 64 megapixel camera phones.

Xiaomi shared a post on a Chinese website. According to a report, the shared image has a cat image, with one eye zooming in on it. It can be seen how good the zoom quality is or even the smallest details can be easily seen. The company’s post confirms that the upcoming 64MP phone will be Redmi Series.

Currently, this 64 megapixel Redmi phone has not been given any name. It is said that it will have Samsung’s 64 MP SOCELL Bright GW1 sensor which was announced in May.


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