From security to users’ needs, New features are coming on WhatsApp!!

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WhatsApp has been in discussion for a few days, sometimes due to its new features and sometimes due to security concerns. Now Facebook has also issued a warning. There is a need to be careful with a video. With the new update, the arrival of those features is also close which can change the style of use of this app. Some such things that a WhatsApp user should know …

Upgrade be safe

Upgrade the latest version if you want to make your WhatsApp account impregnable. Upgrade Android to the new version 2.19.274 and iPhone users to 2.19.100. To check this, tap on Android user, app info. Select Help in the iPhone User Settings.

These features are coming

Most of the discussions are about multiple device support. This upcoming Android feature will give the user the freedom to run his account on two devices simultaneously. In “Registration notifications”, the notification of login of second device will come on the first device. The message will say “Recipient’s device list has changed, tap to confirm new security code”. When the security code is verified, you will be able to use WhatsApp on more than one device.

Users using dark mode will also find it on WhatsApp. Like YouTube, Gmail and other apps, users will be able to use WhatsApp in the dark theme spread throughout the system. In many places this feature is working well in WhatsApp on iOS devices.

WhatsApp is also working to include third-party apps in “Picture in Picture” mode. This will allow Netflix trailers to watch it.

After rolling the fingerprint unlock on iOS, Android handsets are being brought. New iPhone users are also able to use the Face Unlocking feature on this app. Even if the phone is locked with fingerprint, you will be able to answer video and audio calls.


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