Microsoft’s open challenge to hackers, hack custom Linux OS and win a million dollars!!

In its three-month challenge, tech company Microsoft has given an open challenge to hackers. The company says that a hacker who will break the security of custom Linux OS will be given a prize money of one million dollars. This challenge is specifically for Fox on Azure Spear OS, for which Microsoft designed a compact and custom version of Linux last year. This OS is used in the chipset of the Internet of Things platform.

This challenge will make the OS more secure

Sylvie Liu, security programmer manager at Microsoft’s Security Response Center, said the goal of this new research challenge is to make Azer Spear OS more secure. It is an IoT security solution that provides security to the hardware. He further added that this challenge will also keep the security research community busy so that they can find flaws in it before hackers, so as to reduce the risk of being hacked by Azer Spear.

The challenge will run for three months

This challenge is part of the Three-Ments Research Challenge, which starts from 1 June and will run till 31 August. The winning contestant will be given an amount of one lakh dollars as an honor. The company introduced Azer Spear at the Build Developers Conference last year.


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