‘New Facebook’ page rollout for desktop users, dark mode feature also comes for the first time!!

Facebook has rolled out a new desktop site for users. Its interface for this desktop users has changed completely. However, the company has kept the option of switching to classic Facebook. That is, users who do not like the new interface can return to the old interface at any time. Not only this, Facebook has also rolled out the Dark Mode feature for desktop users after a long wait.Facebook said, “The new Facebook.com is simple and easy to use. It will get all the features you want. We will keep improving it based on the user experience.” To switch to the new Facebook and Classic Facebook, you have given the option to switch in the settings itself. There is also a switch to turn dark mode on / off. By turning on the dark mode, there will be no pressure of brightness on the eyes of the users.

Apply new Facebook interface like this

When you login to Facebook, a window will appear on your home screen. Where you will be invited for a new design from Facebook. Here you have to click on Try It.

Welcome message for new Facebook will come on next window. Here details of features such as fast loading time and clean look key have been given with Dark Mode (which has been launched for desktop users). Next has to be done here.

Now the light and dark theme on the next window will be explained in two windows. That is what the interface will look like in the dark theme. Also, there will be an option to switch on both these interfaces at any time. Here, click on Get Started.

Now the new Facebook will be open. In its settings, the option to turn dark mode on / off is given. At the same time, there is an option to switch to classic Facebook.


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