This electric bike will come in your bag, weight only 5 kg!!

You may have seen many types of unique bikes or scooters, but have you seen any two-wheeler that can be folded and packed into a bag. Some researchers from Japan have created one such unique electric bike, which you can easily fold and carry in a backpack. This electric bike named Poimo has been designed keeping in mind the short and medium distance transportation.

This special electric bike has been prepared by the team of Tokyo University. The name Poimo has been taken as a short form by combining ‘Portable’ and ‘Inflatable Mobility’. The focus of this team was on making electric bikes that are lighter and can be accommodated in less space, so that people can take it with them in public transport and use it for last mile connectivity.

As reported by Spectrum, the Poimo bike is made from an Inflatable Rectangular Fabric Fame made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric. The bike comes with a small electric pump, which can fully inflate the frame in about a minute. The bike has a small electric motor and small rubber wheels attached under the inflatable frame. It also has a wireless controller, which is attached to the handlebar of the bike.

The weight of this unique electric bike is about 12 pounds, ie about 5.44 kg. The team making it says that work is being done to reduce its weight in future.

The team making the Poimo electric bike presented its latest prototype at a 2020 HRI conference in a virtual presentation. The team hopes that Poimo can one day become a commercial product. He says that the current prototype is not yet ready for the common people. They are working on making it lighter, stronger and better.


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