Maruti brought a bang scheme, company will lease the car!!

The corona virus infection in India has a very bad effect on the automobile sector. Most of the companies’ sales were zero last month. In such a situation, all companies are introducing new schemes to boost their sales. Now Maruti Suzuki India Limited has introduced a new scheme for the customers. Under this scheme, the company will provide car leases to its retail customers through the dealership network. According to media reports, the company has been working on this scheme for almost a year. A media report said, “In the current situation, launching such a service can prove beneficial for Maruti, urban customers may prefer the vehicle leasing model.” Such a scheme can give a new dimension to the car cell in the urban market.

Vehicle leasing is popular in Europe and America

The vehicle leasing strategy is quite popular in developed markets like the US and Europe. Now this service will be available in India. The company has already brought vehicle leasing service for corporate corporates which did not get much good response.

Hyundai and Mahindra have brought vehicle leasing service

Hyundai India and Mahindra & Mahindra have also brought vehicle leasing service in the year 2018. Mahindra has also invested 176 crores in Zoomcar. Hyundai has also invested in Revv.

Mercedes Benz India and BMW also provide car lease service

Mercedes Benz India and BMW India also offer customized leasing options to their customers. Volkswagen has also recently announced the vehicle leasing and financing service for its customers.


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