Google is preparing to compete with Amazon Fire TV Stick, new remote can be found to access the interface!!

Google is making special preparations to compete with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Diggy Tech company is working on the new device codename Sabrina. According to reports, the company is set to provide a better Android TV experience through the gadget. A new remote can also be found to access the interface. Please tell that the remote is not available in the earlier version of Chromecast. Users are completely dependent on their smartphone to access its interface.

This device will also support HDR and Dolby Vision

According to the report, this firmware will support 4K streaming at 60fps. With this, this device will also support HDR and Dolby Vision. The casting device will have Amlogic S905X2 chipset along with 2GB of RAM. Watching the marketing video of the device reveals that it has a user interface and remote in addition to the product. The product will be in the Oval shape which will be different from Google’s previous Chromecast. There will also be a separate button for navigation key and Google Assistant in the remote.

Users can also connect devices to Nest devices

With the help of interface, users will also be able to connect the device to Nest devices, which will also provide access to the cameras present in the house. According to the report, the device will also have a new Low Latency Mode which can be used while streaming games on the screen. The new streaming device is expected to be launched with Google’s Pixel 4A. Google’s Pixel 4A is a mid-range smartphone that will compete with Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 in the market.


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