Apple will make its own processor for Mac lineup, Apple will be the first device based on silicon to market by the end of the year!!

At the event, Apple also formally announced the conversion of the entire Mac lineup to its in-house processor. The company reported that the first Mac based on Apple Silicon will hit the market by the end of 2020. However, the company has not given any specific information about it. But it is just rumored that Apple’s first Mac based on the new architecture will be a completely redesigned iMac and MacBook Pro.

Apple has said that it will take two years to completely convert all Mac desktops and laptops to the new architecture, but the company also indicated that the move was necessary for Apple to develop new types of computers.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference opened online this year with a keynote in which Apple CEO Tim Cook and Johnny Sorji, Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies, said the efforts had been a long-term endeavor.

With the release of previews of MacOS Big Sur, the process of change has also started. Macs will be able to run iOS and iPadOS apps without any modification. Developers can start making their existing software compatible using Xcode 12 beta, which will include compilers and debugging tools. A new framework called Rosetta 2 with virtualization technology will help with compatibility issues.

Apple developers can also apply for a Universal App Quick Start program, which will include documentation, forums, beta software and a hardware developer transition kit in the form of a modified Mac Mini based on the Apple A12Z Bionic processor, which powers the latest iPad Pro Provides.

No compromise with battery and performance

Calling the change “a big leap” for Mac, Sorji repeated the successes of his A-series processors for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch in the last ten years since the introduction of the A4. Sorji said that with future Macs emphasizing power efficiency and performance, users will not have to compromise notebook battery and thermal constraints with future Macs.

Will be sold with Intel-based models for a while

This move does not mean that Macs based on Intel are outdated. Apple says the new models are currently in the development phase and will be shipping with the A-Series Mac for some time. The current Mac will also be supported with new macOS releases for many years to come.

IPhone CPU performance increased 100-fold in ten years

Integrating hardware and software has been important for Apple, the only consumer computer manufacturer to make its own operating system and now its own processor. Apple has so far delivered 2 billion SoCs and in-house development several sporting chips to its products. Sorji said that the performance of the iPhone CPU has increased 100-fold in ten years and the iPad Pro is faster than other PC laptops currently available.

Apple intends to provide custom power management, secure enclave, high-performance integrated GPU, machine learning, neural engine, custom video display and image processing engine to A-series processors, and a new level of performance to Macs.

This step gives Apple a common architecture across all Apple hardware products. This would be the fourth architecture change for Macs, which began using Motorola processors and shifted to IBM’s power in 2006 before adopting Intel X86 CPUs.


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