What will be special in Mahindra Atom Electric!!

Mahindra Electric is set to launch three new electric vehicles in the current financial year (2020-21). All three include one Mahindra Atom. It is an electric quadricycle, which will be launched later this year. Prior to the launch, the company has released a teaser video giving information about the special features of Mahindra Atom Electric. The company claims that it will get more interior space and better comfort. Also it will be easy to load the luggage in it. Let us tell you in detail about this ‘small electric car’ of Mahindra.

What is special in design

The Mahindra Atom was showcased at the Auto Expo in February. This electric quadricycle with a tall stance will come with long glass and safe enclosure. It has some interesting design elements, including clear-lens headlamps, reflector strips on the front and rear bumpers, large windshields, body color out side rear view mirrors, bold side creases and triple-pod tail lamps.

2 doors and 4 seats

The Mahindra Atom has two doors. It has seating for 4 people including the driver. There is only one driver seat in the front, while the rear seats a bench seat for 3 people.

Powertrain system

The Mahindra Atom is expected to get a 15kW electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack. Like the concept model, the production-ready version (market launch model) is also likely to be offered with a swappable battery pack. Mahindra Atom Electric will have a top speed of 70 km / h. Its battery can be fully charged in about 4 hours. This electric quadricycle will get advanced thermal management system for the battery.

How much can the price be

The Mahindra Atom will be the first electric quadricycle in the country. Its ex-showroom price can be kept at around Rs 3 lakh. If the Atom launches in this price range, it will be one of the cheapest electric cars in the country. The Atom is a low-voltage electric vehicle to be built at the company’s Hyderabad plant.


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