Aquagrand 16 Stage @5300 Rs/- (Amazon)

Healthy Drink Water With 16 Stage protection at your budget

Product Description

16Th Stage RO System

1st Stage: Pre-Filter 10″ Spun dust and another visible particle from water. 2nd stage: Anti Scalant Balls
3rd Stage: Magmatic Softener
4th Stage: Sediment Filtration: removes suspended particles, dust, and another visible particle from water.
5Th Stage: Activated Carbon: removes chlorine, chlorine smell and restore the natural color of the water.
6Th Stage: RO Membrane: removes hardness of the water, filters out other impurities of the water.
7Th Stage: Mineral Ceramic Ball
8Th Stage: AQUAGRAND Calcium Ball
9Th Stage: Antibacterial Balls
10Th Stage: Tourmaline balls
11Th Stage: Taste enhancer balls
12Th Stage: ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) balls
13Th Stage: Silver Impregnated activated carbon
14Th stage: Post silver carbon filter: contains coconut shell based activated carbon.
15th stage: Solenoid Valve.
16th stage: UF Membrane.

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