Flipkart revealed, Nokia’s new device will make your normal tv into smart TV!!

Flipkart has revealed a new Nokia device. With this Nokia device, any ordinary TV can be converted into a smart TV. Flipkart has released a short teaser video, which says – Something interesting is coming to make your TV smart.

Teaser videos indicate that you will not need to upgrade your TV to do so. This means that Nokia’s new device will be like a smartbox, which will turn your regular TV into a smart TV. It may be that Nokia is planning to bring a new device like the Xiaomi Mi Box 4K. For users wishing to know more about this, it is written in the Flipkart teaser – Stay connected with us with updates.

The 10-second-long teaser video mentions several features offered in the new Nokia device. The new device will have built-in Chromecast, Android 9 Pie, Google Assistant support, support for gaming apps, Dolby Audio and OTT apps. The teaser shows that all these features will be available without any change in the TV.

Flipkart entered into a brand licensing partnership with Nokia in December last year to launch Android 9 Pie-powered smart TVs. Nokia has launched a TV with 55-inch 4K panel and JBL speakers and is priced at Rs 41,999.

Now this partnership of Nokia and Flipkart has been extended. Mysterious new Nokia device will help a lot of users. For users who do not have a smart TV but want to enjoy it, the new Nokia device will be very useful. We will have to wait longer for more information about this.


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