Xiaomi Ninebot C30 Electric Scooter Launched!!

Electric vehicles are being promoted by governments around the world and its global market is growing. In this series, China’s leading electronic products manufacturer Xiaomi has launched a new electric scooter. Xiaomi has launched Xiaomi Ninebot C30 electric scooter in its domestic market in China. The Ninebot C30 can be called the cheapest electric scooter. Its price is 3,599 yuan i.e. around 38,000 rupees. In the electric mobility segment, Xiaomi is contesting through the Ninebot C30 scooter


The Xiaomi Ninebot scooter has a 400W motor. This motor generates 40Nm torque. After full charging, this scooter can cover a distance of 35 km. The top speed of the scooter is 25 km. The special thing is that China will not need a driving license to drive this scooter. Talking about braking, the scooter gets single disc brakes for the front and drum brakes for the rear.

The battery

The Xiaomi Ninebot scooter has removable batteries. The battery of the scooter can be opened and carried easily anywhere for charging. Three more Xiaomi scooters C40, C60 and C80 are also available in this series. All these models are an upgraded version of the C30. All these models of Xiaomi give more range than C30.

When will it be launched in India

The Xiaomi Ninebot C30 electric scooter has just been launched in the Chinese market. Xiaomi has not given any official information about launching it in other markets. Xiaomi has a large share in India’s smartphone market, so it is expected that it will launch its electric scooter in India. In view of the increasing pollution in the world, the automobile sector is also focusing on making pollution free vehicles.

The company is targeting youth through the Xiaomi Ninebot C30 electric scooter.


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