Techo Electra electric moped!!

Techo Electra has brought a new electric moped. It has been introduced under the name Techo Electra Saathi. It costs Rs 57,697 (on road in Pune). This electric moped can be booked from the company’s website. Delivery of Techo Electra Saathi will begin in the second week of September.

This electric moped of Takeo Electra is equipped with many great features. It has features such as LED headlight, central locking system, anti-theft alarm, smart repair function, front and rear baskets and fast charging. The ‘Saathi’ moped also features telescopic suspension on either side, black alloy wheels, 10-inch tubeless tires and drum brakes.

Range and Charging Time

Takeo Electra claims that the companion moped will run 60-70 km once it is full charged. It has a BLDC motor and 48V 26 Ah Li-ion battery. The moped weighs less than 50 kg without a battery. It will take 3-4 hours to fully charge its battery.

60 km in 12 rupees

The company claims that it will take only 1.5 units of electricity to charge a companion moped. In this way, it will run for 60 km at a cost of only Rs 12. At the same time, its top speed is 25 kilometers per hour.


The Teco Electra companion has a length of 1720mm, width 620mm and height 1050mm. It is based on a steel-reinforced chassis. It will compete with Gemopai Miso in the market.


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