Microsoft Surface Duo: How is this smartphone opening like a book!!

Millions of people around the world await the Microsoft Surface Duo smartphone. Although many foldable smartphones have been launched in the market in the last two years, but the Microsoft Surface Duo is something else. The Microsoft Surface Duo was first introduced in October last year, but the phone has not reached the market even after about 10 months, although now speculation of its sales starting has intensified.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is a dual screen smartphone that works on the Android operating system. The Microsoft Surface Duo is a phone that works on both tablets and mobiles. There is also a screen on its side. Like any ordinary phone, you can use it for calling etc.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is an Android device. Microsoft and Google are working together for this. In this, you will get all kinds of Android apps, although it is not yet decided whether its screen will support third party apps. Its most special thing is that you can easily drag an app from the first screen to the second screen. You can do two tasks simultaneously on both the screens of the phone.

How powerful is the Surface Duo?

This phone from Microsoft has Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor but the fine version can be launched in the market with Snapdragon 865 or 865+. Apart from this, the phone can get 6GB RAM and 64 / 256GB GB storage. The phone has a 3640mAh battery, fingerprint sensor and 11 megapixel camera.

The price of Microsoft Surface Duo can be $ 1500 i.e. around Rs 1,12,383.


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