Detel Easy Electric Two-Wheeler!!

Detel has now made a big bang in the electric vehicle category. Detel has launched an electric two-wheeler for just Rs 19,999. The company’s electric vehicle is named Detel Easy and the company claims that it is the world’s most economical electric two-wheeler. This electric two-wheeler comes in Pearl White, Metallic Red and Jet Black in 3 color options. GST is not included in the price.

Range up to 60 kilometers

If you talk about its range after full charge, then it runs for 60 kilometers. The top speed of this two-wheeler is 25 kilometers per hour. In such a situation, the person running this vehicle will not need a license. Also, vehicle registration certificate will not have to be obtained. In this two-wheeler, non-removable batteries are given on the floor of the vehicle for better balance. At the same time, advanced drum brake systems take full care of safety.

Battery is fully charged in 8 hours

The company claims that the batteries of this electric two-wheeler are fully charged in 8 hours. It weighs 56 kg without a battery. This electric two-wheeler from Detel has a 48V, 12Ah lithium ion battery. It is powered by an electric two-wheeler 250W motor. According to the company’s website, a 3-year warranty will be available on the battery of this two-wheeler. While one year warranty will be available on the motor, controller and charger. The company is providing helmets for free with each electric two-wheeler. This electric two-wheeler can seat 2 people at a time.


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