Hyundai’s electric car makes new record, range over 1000KM!!

Hyundai Kona has set a new record in the range case. Hyundai Kona covered a distance of over 1,000 KM in a single charge. The company tested three corner SUVs in Germany for 3 days. The three cars covered a distance of 1,018.7km, 1,024.1km and 1,026km respectively. All three models used in testing were not modified.

How was the test done?

The company conducted this test in Germany. During the test, the air conditioner and entertainment systems of these cars were kept closed for higher mileage. During testing, the car’s daytime running light was kept on. In this test lasting three days, 36 drivers were used.

Kona Electric was launched in 2018

Hyundai Kona Electric was first launched in March 2018. Three-fourths of its total sales are outside Hyundai’s domestic market, South Korea. Hyundai has also stated that Kona Electric contributes significantly to the company’s long-term strategy. The company aims to sell 5.6 lakh BEV (battery electric vehicles) in addition to the FCEV (fuel-cell electric vehicle) model by the year 2025.

Kona Electric present in the Indian market offers a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Its electric motor generates 136ps of power and 395 Nm of torque. The company claims that once full charge, it will run for 452 km. This electric SUV is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 9.7 seconds. It offers four driving modes – Eco, Eco +, Comfort and Sport.

With this test, Hyundai has set a new record in the electronic car segment, posing a new challenge for other companies.


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