Google’s services down around the world: Gmail, files are not attached on Google Drive, uploading videos to YouTube also has difficulty!!

Many of Google’s services, among the world’s largest tech companies, have gone down. The biggest problem is on Gmail, Google Drive and YouTube. Because of this, users have been facing problems. Files not attached on Gmail and Google Drive. There is a problem in uploading videos to YouTube.

A total of six Google services have received complaints. Apart from Gmail, Drive and YouTube, Google Meat, Google Voice and Google Docs are also facing some technical problems. Problems are also coming to apps with desktops. After receiving complaints, Google has started efforts to fix all these. In this regard, thousands of users have filed complaints on Twitter in the last hour.

According to the internet-monitoring downdetectors website, the problem in Gmail came on August 20 at 9 am. It is being told that the highest 62% problem is file attachment, 27% login and 10% message is not received. This problem started appearing on YouTube since 19 August. In this, the uploading problem is 51%, the video viewing is 42%, while the website is not open 24%. Google has the highest 84% login problem. 76% of the problems on Google Drive are not having file sync.

Jumping file on attachment

When a file is attached to a Gmail or drive, it keeps jumping repeatedly and starts attaching again. Last month, there was a problem with Gmail. Many users had complained about not being able to login.

180 million users of Gmail worldwide

Gmail has more than 180 crore users worldwide. It has 43% market share of email service in 2020. At the same time, 27% people email by phone. More than 75% of the people use the phone for access to email. Every day 306.4 billion emails are sent and received in 2020.


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