Tesla Speed Limit Software: Tesla car to read speed limit signs on its own, warn driver!!

Famous Tesla company has rolled out a new software for its electric cars around the world, with the help of which the car can read the speed limit signs on its way and can give you the information on the screen, so that you can break the traffic rules without breaking You will be able to drive and your challan will not be deducted.

Actually, this happens many times with car drivers when they ignore the speed limit signs on their way or they are unable to see them, in which case they can break the traffic rules. Realizing this need of people, Tesla has started rolling out this new software in their cars.

Here’s how it works: If you are wondering how this system works, then tell you that this Tesla software works with the help of cameras and autopilot and warns the driver about the traffic signals on the way. . These signals are shown directly on the driving visualizing screen with the help of which the driver can easily see them and can increase or decrease the speed of their car according to the signals like speed limit and speed breaker. Drivers will benefit greatly from this new software.

The statement from Tesla states, “Speed ​​Assist now leverages your car’s cameras to detect speed limit signals to improve the accuracy of speed limit data on local roads. Address in driving visualization The imposed speed limit signal will be displayed and used to set the corresponding speed limit warning. “

The new software update also incorporates traffic lights and stop sign control features and will sound an alarm when Tesla’s stoplight is green. The company said that the latest software update has now started and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed that the company’s electric vehicles will soon receive a feature update that will allow music to be played on speakers placed outside the car. In addition to music, Musk also said that the Tesla car will soon introduce the game on its infotainment screen.

Musk said it was a good idea to install games like Minecraft and Pokemon Go in Tesla cars.


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