LG’s phone screen will rotate like a watch, you will be able to see content in both vertical and horizontal simultaneously, launching on September 14!!

LG on Wednesday announced the launch of its Explorer project that aims to bring the new smartphone with a ‘special and distinct usability experience’. The first model under the new lineup will launch on 14 September. The company also released a teaser video, showing the handset with a rotating screen and dual screen experience. The company says that the purpose of the new project is to increase the existing user experience, the phone will be completely focused on new usability.

The company released a 30-second video teaser

LG released a 30-second video on its Global YouTube channel, in which the dual screen of the phone looks like a T-shape design revolving around the clock. This unique form factor was revealed in a leaked video only last week.

As of now, the company has not shared any information about its specification but has told so much that it will be launched on September 14 at 10AM (7:30 PM in India) on LG Mobile Global Facebook and YouTube channels.

Its features are being prepared in collaboration with many companies

LG said in a press release that the new smartphone will be a part of its Explorer project. The company is working with Qualcomm, Rev, Ficto, Tubi and Niver to develop features for its new form factor.

There can be two displays of 6.8 inches and 4 inches

Reports are claiming that the T-shape design of LG’s new smartphone can start a new trend of using the phone. In which a new way can be that the user can view one content horizontally and another content at the same time in vertical position. According to leaked reports, the phone will have a 6.8-inch primary display while its secondary display can be four-inch.

Price can be around 73,000 rupees

LG Wing can launch the phone with a premium price tag of $ 1,000 (ie around Rs 73,000). It is also being said that the phone will have some specifications similar to LG Valvet, which was launched in May with triple rear camera and Snapdragon 765G processor.

The company stated in its release that the specification of the new lineup under the Explorer project will be different from the phones that are under its universal line, including Velvet and are present in the market as competing devices. Not long ago, the company launched the LG G8X ThinQ and V60 ThinQ models to challenge other phones with dual screens with detachable dual screens.


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