Peugeot Metropolis: This three-wheeled scooter will be launched tomorrow, know what is the future of these scooters in India!!

Mahindra-owned French two-wheeler maker Peugeot Motorcycle will introduce its Maxi scooter on 8 September. Let us know, the Peugeot Metropolis Maxi Scooter was first showcased in 2011. Whose production took a full two years. However, the company ceased production of the scooter in late 2014 and was resumed in 2017 after three years.

The company is going to introduce Peugeot Metropolis in a new form, which will be updated with an updated chassis and many more features. At present, no specific information has been available about the features of this scooter. But it is being speculated that this maxi scooter will be produced at the company’s manufacturing facility in Mandair, France.

Three-wheel scooter: Peugeot Metropolis is a three-wheel scooter with a 399 cc engine. This engine is capable of delivering a maximum power of 35 bhp with a peak torque of 38.1 Nm. The scooter gets ABS with new safety standards with 12-inch wheels, twin disc brakes at the front, and single disc brakes at the rear as standard.

Future in India: The thing to note here is that there is currently no confirmation to launch this maxi scooter in India. But in the coming time, it is possible that this scooter can be seen on Indian roads. Anand Mahindra had shown a lot of enthusiasm a while back regarding the launch of Peugeot Metropolis in India.

But this is unlikely to happen despite his enthusiasm. Let me tell you, the cost to launch this scooter in India will be very high. Due to which its price will also be fixed more. This is the reason why such scooters are not launched in India right now.


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