The device, which eliminates the phone’s heating problem, will reduce the temperature by 5 times in 30 seconds; Know how it works!!

If you play games for hours on a smartphone, then there can be a problem of heat. Also, the phone battery can also swell. Some apps come to cool the phone, but they are not so effective. Because they only control the phone’s junk files, background apps. In such a situation, you can use the phone cooling fan.

First, understand why phone is hot

  • Charging the phone for several hours
  • Calling or gaming during charging
  • Play online games
  • Keep the hot spot on for several hours
  • Always keep Bluetooth, Wi-Fi on

Apart from this, there are some reasons why the phone is not hot, which users do not know. For example, the software is not updated, the phone’s memory gets full, the apps running continuously, live streaming or online music and the battery gets old.

Temperatures should be up to 32 degrees Celcius

Phone experts say that the normal temperature of any phone should be 20 to 32 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is higher than this, the phone starts heating more. This can damage the phone. With the help of a cooling fan, the phone’s hitting problem can be eliminated.

What is a cooling fan?

A cooling fan is a device that consists of a small fan. This device is fixed at the back size of the smartphone. It has a power cable, which is powered by connecting the phone to a USB port. This fan reduces the phone’s hit by 5 times within 30 seconds. It works on both Android and iPhone smartphones.

Cooling can cost

The cost of a cooling fan device starts at Rs 1000. At the same time, according to the different company and model, its price may be less.


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