Rafale Induction Ceremony: Indian and French Defense Minister Rajnath Singh at Ambala Airbase!!

Rafael fighter aircraft formally joined the Indian Air Force after Sarva Dharma Puja. 17 Squadron has been included in ‘Golden Arrows’ at Rafael Ambala airbase. Rafael joined the Air Force in the presence of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and French Defense Minister Flores Parle. This achievement is considered to be very important for India amidst ongoing tension on the border between India and China. After Rafael joined the Indian Air Force, it is seen as a big edge against enemies.

Rafael gets salute with water canon

Rafale fighter aircraft was given salute with water canon at Ambala airbase. Salute given to all 5 Rafale aircraft. With the launch of the flypast, the 4.5 generation fighter aircraft Rafael also showed tricks in the sky. Let me tell you that 5 Rafale fighter aircraft have joined the Indian Air Force.

Tejas showed his might in assurances

Tejas fighter aircraft manufactured in the country showed their feat. Ambala Airbase was thrilled by Tej’s flight. The dignitaries sitting there clapped and welcomed Tej’s flight.

Helicopter Sarang also showed tricks

The colorful helicopter Sarang also celebrated Rafael’s induction into the Indian Air Force and showed his feat.

Started flypast

Sukhoi fighter aircraft are flying at Ambala airbase. 5 fighter aircraft are flying in the air.

After Rafale joined the Indian Air Force, the air shows included Sukhoi, Jaguar, Swadesi Tejas manufactured in the country and fighter aircraft. Tejas’s blow affected everyone.

All religion worship for Rafael

The religious leaders of the 5 religions included Rafael in the Air Force along with the entire Puja recitation. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister of France, CDS Bipin Rawat, Air Force Chief Bhadoria were present on the occasion.

Rafael will join Air Force with Pooja

French Defense Minister Florence Parley and India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh left for Ambala. Earlier, the French Defense Minister was given the Guard of Honor at Palam Airport upon his arrival in India.

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