SuperFood Series: 5 home remedies for the use of superfood ‘Desi Ghee’!!

Desi ghee contains many nutrients, due to which it removes the weakness of the body and increases strength in the body. Therefore it is also called superfood. Come, know some home remedies for desi ghee –

According to Ayurveda, eating ghee daily increases the eyesight.

If there is burning or itching in the eyes, one drop of ghee can be put in the eyes. Provided that the ghee is pure. Also, keep in mind that ghee is not hot.

When the eyes feel stressed, tired and have dark circles under the eyes, then apply a drop of desi ghee and massage it gently with a round hand. This will lighten the dark circles under your eyes.

Ghee can be applied on skin burns. It also ends inflammation on the body.

If you have a cough, drink a teaspoon of lukewarm ghee or mix basil juice with it. This will give you relief in cough soon.

Mix one teaspoon pure ghee, one teaspoon ground sugar, quarter teaspoon ground black pepper mixed with three in the morning on an empty stomach and at night while licking and drinking warm sweet milk, the eyes light up.

In a large bowl, take 100 grams of pure ghee, add water to it and throw it lightly with a light hand. Ghee was washed once. Wash the ghee with water 10 times, keep the bowl tilted for a while, so that if there is too much water left, it too gets removed. Now add a little camphor and mix it and fill it in a wide mouth vial. It is the best medicine for skin diseases like ghee, itching, boils pimples etc.

Drinking a glass of sweet milk with a spoonful of ghee at bedtime at night, removes dryness and weakness of the body, sleeps deep, strengthens bones and cleanses in the morning. This experiment increases the strength of the body and removes leanness before the cold comes to an end.

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