World’s best cricket team too be banned again??

The South African Olympic body has suspended the Cricket South Africa Board. The move by the South African Sports and Olympic Committee has tarnished the image of the South African cricket board. Not only that, but now the African team is facing the crisis of international ban.

The ICC rules governing world cricket require an independent body to oversee cricket in any cricketing country. It should not be under the direct control of the government or any other body.

It was time for the African team to retire from international cricket for 21 years. He then played his first international match in 1991. Racism was banned in Africa. The South African government then enacted some of the rules that led to the ban.

According to government rules, the African team will only play cricket matches against England, Australia and New Zealand. At the same time, there will be no black players in the opposing team. The rules would lead the ICC to ban South Africa. This threatened the future of the players. At that time, the careers of many cricketers in the country were wasted. Finally, after 21 years, after the government changed the rules, they were able to play at the international level.

Now, once again, South Africa has broken the ICC rules. So they can be prosecuted. Because the action of the Olympic Committee can be considered as government intervention. The African Cricket Board has also expressed displeasure over the move.

Why the cricket board suspended

The African Cricket Board has been embroiled in an internal dispute for the past few days. As a result, the government has suspended the cricket board and taken over its management. This action is a sword of recognition hanging over the South African team.

The South African Confederation and Olympic Committee has written a letter to Cricket South Africa informing them of this. All senior officials on the board have been asked to step down from the administration. He said the board has had a number of wrongdoings since last December, including abuse and racism. The action has been taken after an inquiry into what is going on in the board.

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