SuperFood Series: Benefits of cumin!!

 Till date, you must have used cumin as a spice only to add tempering or seasoning to dal and vegetables. But do you know that this fine and small grain cumin is a panacea in curing many diseases. It is a good medicine for stomach related diseases. So today we are telling you the benefits of cumin. 

Benefits of Cumin: Benefits of Cumin: After roasting cumin seeds in a cold, tying it in a bundle, repeated sniffing provides relief.

Benefits of Cumin: Toast 2 cumin seeds and grind them and eat with rock salt gives relief. Along with this, it provides relief in toothache and foul smell from the mouth is also removed.

Benefits of Cumin: Grind 3 cumin seeds, parsley, fennel regularly and consume sugar in the body. Along with this, joint pain is also relieved.

Benefits of Cumin 4 Cumin is also found in abundance in addition to medicinal properties. Anemia can be easily accomplished in the body by its regular intake

Benefits of cumin: Toast 5 cumin seeds and grind it and take it with black salt, it provides relief in stomach disorders (gas, acidity, indigestion).

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