Shocking! After the corona in China, New bacteria now spread through factory leaks!!

Thousands of people in northeast China have now been infected with the virus since the virus first struck. This bacterial infection was caused by a leak in a government biopharmaceutical plant that makes vaccines. About 3,245 people have contracted brucellosis in Lanzhou, which has a population of 3 million, health officials said. This disease, known as Mediterranean fever, is spread by infected animals or their products. The disease causes fever, muscle aches and headaches.

 So far no one has died from the infection. Chinese officials said the disease does not spread from one person to another. About 22,000 people have been screened so far.

The Chinese administration found that Brucell vaccines were being made for animals here. The biopharmaceutical plant used expired pesticides. So the bacteria from the factory were never completely destroyed and the infection spread. This type of bacteria is spread more by cows, buffaloes and pigs.

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