Agriculture bills passed by voice vote in confusion!!

The Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Value Assurance Agreement and Agri-Services Agreement Bill 2020 and the Agricultural Produce Trade and Commerce Bill 2020 have been passed in the Rajya Sabha after the Lok Sabha. On Sunday, the bill was passed by a voice vote in the Rajya Sabha amid opposition chaos. After the passage of these bills, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his happiness on social media and congratulated the farmers. The Prime Minister said that due to this bill, farmers will be freed from the clutches of middlemen.

Today is a big day in the agricultural history of India. I congratulate our hardworking food donors for passing important bills in Parliament. This will not only bring about a radical change in the agricultural sector but will also empower many farmers. For decades, our farmer brothers and sisters were stuck in many kinds of bonds and had to face many brokers. With the passage of these bills in Parliament, food donors are now free from all these. This will strengthen the efforts of farmers to double their income and ensure their prosperity, ‘said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

I have said before and I would like to reiterate that the MSP system will continue. Government procurement will also continue. We are here to serve the farmers. We will do our best to help the food givers and ensure a better life for their future generations, ”he said.

Earlier, the Prime Minister had accused the opposition of spreading confusion among farmers about the agriculture bill. So the government does not want to discuss the bill. They just want to get the bills passed as soon as possible. It was necessary to communicate with the opposition before bringing this bill. Ordinances were drawn up in Corona’s name. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

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