Honda is bringing new electric car!!

Honda will present its new electric car at the upcoming Beijing Motor Show. The company will present this car as a concept in the show. This will be the company’s first electric car to be sold in China. Much information about this Honda car has not been revealed yet but it is believed that this car will be bigger than Honda E in size. The company can launch this car in the form of sedan or low height crossover. Both of these body styles are well liked in the East Asian market.

Company released teaser

Talk about the look of this car, the company has released a teaser of the car in which its front look is visible. The car will come with a retro theme that gives it a very futuristic look. The blacked-off grille is clearly visible in the front of the car, which is being used in most electric cars nowadays.

The company has not yet made any announcement about the name of this car. The company will not launch this car in the European market. It is designed for the Asian market. It will be the company’s first fully electric car in China. Through this car, the company will try to increase its share in the Asia market.

What will be the range?

There is considerable competition in the electric vehicle market in China. The company has not given any official information about the range of this car yet but it is believed that the range of this car will be more than Honda E. The Honda E car offers a range of 219 km. The Beijing Motor Show in China is starting on September 26.


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