SuperFood Series: Mint leaves are very useful!!

Mint leaves are mainly used in making chutney. Its spicy chutney doubles the taste of food. Mint is not a staple food, but its presence increases the taste of food. In addition, mint leaves are rich in medicinal properties.

This is a perfect solution for Motion. Digestion is also good by taking it. Medicinal Properties of Pudina:

1. If your mouth smells, chew mint leaves. Even after rinse with regular water, the smell will go away.

2. Peppermint is also a sure cure for many skin diseases.

3. Mint is also used to avoid heat stroke in summer. Drinking its juice and coming out of it reduces the fear of sunlight.

4. Mint is used even when there is cholera. In the case of cholera, drinking equal quantity of mint, onion juice, lemon juice and drinking will benefit.

5. If vomiting occurs, drinking half a cup of mint juice will stop vomiting.

6. Even with stomachache, mixing mint, cumin, black pepper and asafoetida provides relief.

7. Grind fresh leaves of mint and apply it on the face, it cools the face.

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