Navy will deploy 2 women officers on warship for the first time, they will operate helicopters; Rafael will also get the first female pilot soon!!

For the first time in the history of the Indian Navy, two women officers, Sub Lieutenant Kumudini Tyagi and Sub Lieutenant Reeti Singh, will be deployed on the war ship. Both of them have been selected for the post of Observer (Airborne Tacticians) in the helicopter stream. Till now in the Navy, women officers were confined to fixed wing aircraft.

The news of deployment of women officers on warships has come at a time when the Indian Air Force has also shortlisted women fighter pilots to operate the fleet of Rafale aircraft. Will meet soon 10 women fighter pilots of the Air Force are undergoing training. One of these will fly Rafale jet with 17 squadrons. Currently, these pilots fly the MiG-21 aircraft of the Airforce.

On 10 September, 5 Rafale aircraft were inducted into the Indian Air Force in Ambala. India has purchased 36 Rafale jets from France. Five of them have come to India. The rest will be part of the Indian Air Force by the end of 2021.

17 officers in Navy were awarded ‘Wings’

17 officers, including Sub Lieutenant Kumudini Tyagi and Sub Lieutenant Reeti Singh, were awarded “Wings” when they graduated as ‘Observers’ on Monday. The event took place at INS Garuda in Kochi. Out of these 13 officers are from regular batch and four are from women officers short service commission. These officers will be stationed in the Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard Marine reconnaissance ships and anti-submarine warships.

In this program, Rear Admiral Antony George said that this is a historic occasion. For the first time, women are being given training in helicopter operations. Officers of the 91st Regular Course and 22nd SSC Observer Course were trained in Air Navigation, Flying Procedure, Air Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare.

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