SuperFood Series: Know how beneficial Black Mustard is for health!!

In most households, the small Black Mustard used to bring tadka does a great job for health. The botanical name of rai is Brassica nigra and it is also known as black mustard. It is known as a medicine for many diseases. Resulting from

Small rai is beneficial for your skin, chemicals like myrosin, syngrin found in it are beneficial for skin diseases. Applying the rye solution on the head also stops head boils, pimples and hair loss. According to Dangi herbal experts, doing so causes dandruff to disappear from the head.

Rest in pain

rai swells by adding rye to water. If you have problems like leucorrhoea, leucorrhoea etc. then make such water lukewarm and sit in a tub filled to the waist. rai also benefits in diseases like cholera. In this type of fever, taking 4-5 grams of mustard powder with honey in the morning cures this fever caused by phlegm.

Fix ringworm

Small rai seeds are helpful in curing ringworm. Soak the mustard in water for 30 minutes. Then make a paste and apply it on the place of ringworm. Apart from this, mixing rai flour in 8 times cow’s old ghee and applying it on the affected area for a few days also cures this disease.

Anti cancer properties

Feetonutrients are found in rai that help prevent gastrointestinal cancer. It also prevents new cancers from growing. The mirosinase present in it helps in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the body. It is very helpful in keeping the body healthy and fighting diseases.

Keep the stomach clean

The main property of rai is digestive, with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Stomach worms die by drinking its water. By dissolving the powder of rye with water and giving it to children, they stop urinating in bed at night. If a person has persistent diarrhea, then put a little mustard in the palm and put it in lukewarm water and give it to the patient, it gives relief.

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