Shraddha and Sara says to NCB – Sushant used to smoke a cigarette, Sushant did not take drugs!!

Sarah Ali Khan’s inquiries have caught the eye of many. Riya Chakraborty had named Sara in the NCB inquiry. Not only Sara but she also mentioned the name of actress Rakulpreet Singh. Rakul was questioned on Friday. So Sarah has been called to the NCB headquarters today. Riya had said in her reply that Sushant had taken high dose of drugs while she was with Sara. Meanwhile, it all depends on how Sarah answers NCB’s questions now.

The NCB has been investigating a number of people related to Bollywood for the past several days. The NCB will submit a report to the DG in the next three days. The NCB interrogated Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Rakulpreet Singh and Shraddha Kapoor after Bollywood’s drug chat surfaced. Earlier, Riya Chakraborty was questioned and is currently in jail.

Sarah admitted that she was smoking a cigarette

During the NCB interrogation, Sara Ali Khan flatly refused to take drugs but also admitted to going to Sushant’s farmhouse. Sarah admitted that she was smoking a cigarette. During interrogation, Sara said that she had only smoked cigarettes with Sushant during the shooting in Kedarnath. In addition, Sarah has denied all allegations.

However, Riya Chakraborty said that Sushant had taken a heavy dose of drugs with Sara during the shooting of Kedarnath. Apart from this, the boat man also mentioned that Sara and Sushant had taken marijuana at the Island party. Currently, the NCB is not satisfied with Sara’s answers and is still investigating. The NCB has the answers of two people who confessed that Sarah was taking drugs. The NCB team returning from the guesthouse is now questioning Sara Ali Khan. Sarah said what was being described as a drug was just a normal cigarette.

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