Anil Ambani sells jewellery to cover court costs!!

We live a very simple life and we do not have any significant assets or wealth. Anil Ambani, chairman of Reliance Power, told a court in England that his wife and family bear the cost.

An English court has ordered three Chinese banks to pay 16 716,917,681 (Rs 5,281 crore) and 750,000 euros (Rs 7 crore) in court fees by June 12 for defaulting on their loans. However, the court ordered Ambani to provide details of all his assets as it could not be complied with. Accordingly, Ambani informed the court through video conferencing.

We are living very simply. Wife and family are covering our expenses. We have to pay Rs 500 crore to mother Kokilaben and Rs 310 crore to son Anmol. You have no other means of income. “We have no choice but to wait for permission from the court to sell our other properties if it comes time to spend more,” Ambani said.

Asked about Ambani’s private helicopter, the court said, “If we do not use it for personal purposes, we will not have to bear any cost.” Asked about the luxury car fleet, he said it was a rumor spread by the media. You have no Rolls Royce. “We are currently using only one car,” he said.

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