Apple will also launch iPhone 12 Mini!!

The Apple company is preparing to launch a new iPhone in October next month. However, a new report has claimed that this time the phone with the smallest 5.4 inch display will be launched by Apple. This small display smartphone will be known as iPhone 12 Mini.

Three smartphones will be launched

Many images of Apple iPhone Mini and Silicon case have been leaked, based on which the launch of iPhone Mini is being guessed. According to a leak report, the phone case has been made at Apple’s International Distribution Center in Ireland. Along with the iPhone 12 Mini, three other smartphones will also be launched. It will have a 6.7-inch model, which will be known as iPhone 12 Pro Max. Also, a 6.1-inch smartphone can be launched under the name of iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro. According to the report, after the iPad mini, Mac mini and iPod mini, for the first time any iPhone 12 smartphone will be brought with the Mini Nick name.

OLED display will be available in the phone

The 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Mini smartphone will be smaller in size than the iPhone 11 Pro. The display of iPhoe11 is 5.8 inches. It is expected that Apple’s event will be held on October 13, in which the new smartphone of the iPhone 12 series will be launched. All models of iPhone 12 will come with OLED display, which will support 5G technology. The iPhone 12 smartphone can be launched for $ 749. The same iPhone 12 Max can be offered for $ 849. At the same time, the Pro and Pro Max models can be offered for $ 1200.


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