German scientists made most effective antibodies to fight corona in lab, now ready to give to humans after success on mice!!

Scientists in Germany have discovered antibodies that are effective in fighting corona. A passive vaccine can be prepared with this antibody. Scientists will pass this antibody into the corona victim’s body under the passive vaccine. This will help them fight Corona.

Scientists at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, which conducted the research, isolated 600 types of antibodies from the blood of those who had recovered from the corona. After testing in the lab, it was found that some of these active antibodies can prove effective in fighting the corona. An antibody was prepared from them in the lab with the help of cell culture.

This is how this antibody works

Researchers say that the neutrifying antibody prepared in the lab works to bind the corona. This prevents the corona from entering and growing in the body. Research has claimed that with the help of this antibody, the body’s immune cells eliminate the corona.

Proved effective on mice

This antibody has a positive effect on mice. The effect is shown in two ways. First, mice infected with the corona showed a mild effect of this antibody. Second, mice in which these antibodies were injected before infection remained healthy.

According to research published in the journal Cell, cells present in mice resemble human cells, so this antibody has also been shown to be effective for patients.

What is antibody

These are special types of immune cells made of proteins called B-lymphocytes. Whenever any external thing (foreign bodies) reach the body, they are alerted. These antibodies neutralize the toxins of bacteria or viruses. In this way they neutralize the effect of all kinds of microbes by giving immunity to the body.

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