SuperFood Series: Consumption of black sesame gives benefits in every way!!

There are 3 types of sesame seeds. White, Black and Red. According to Ayurveda, black sesame is the best among all the varieties of sesame seeds. In such a situation, black sesame is most used in the manufacture of many medicines. It contains a lot of calcium and its oil products are very useful which are especially useful for children. Other benefits of this

Child problem: – Use of black sesame in the problem of premature whitening, loss of hair, baldness is beneficial. This makes the hair soft, strong and dark.

Resistance will increase: – For this, you can chew or eat 2 teaspoons of teaspoon daily for 1-2 months. Massaging its oil also increases the body’s immunity.

Sowing bursts: – Heat one part desi yellow wax and four parts black sesame oil together and make ointment. After cooling, applying it instead of sowing will bring rapid benefits.

Knee pain: Boil two minutes after mixing 5 to 5 grams of mustard, celery, dry ginger, garlic in 500 grams of oil. Then filter the oil and gently massage the knees for 5 minutes.

Strong teeth: – Special thing is that chewing these sesame seeds makes the gums strong. In addition, after chewing, drinking a little water from above makes the teeth strong. If there is a problem of pyorrhea, then placing sesame oil in the mouth for 2 minutes is beneficial.

Bloody Piles: – Grinding sesame in any stage of piles and mixing it in buttermilk is beneficial.

Gives strength: – Usually, the brain is made up of lecithin, which is rich in black sesame. Eating it regularly gives strength to brain cells and muscles. Sesame is rich in vitamin-B complex and protein. Black sesame also reduces the effect of increasing age.

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