Today World Heart Day!!

World Heart Day is celebrated annually on 29 September. Its aim is to make people aware of diseases related to heart, their consequences and their prevention. The rate of death due to heart disease is the highest in the world.

The initiative of this event was initiated by the Director of the World Heart Association in 1999 by Antoine Bas de Luna in association with the WHO. It was established to inform people about how they can create a healthy heart environment, and how they can prevent diseases related to the heart by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Coronary artery disease:

It is one of the most common types of heart diseases in the heart, due to which the cholesterol make a wall-like structure on the arteries that carry the blood to the heart. This can result in heart failure, heart pain, heart failure, and irregular heart rate.

The fallout is known from brain attack or brain failure. It occurs when the passage of an artery leading to the bloodstream of the brain is blocked, or an artery in or around the brain explodes, resulting in the brain ceasing to function or leading to death.


Most of such diseases can be eliminated in their primary stage only if they are identified or they are reported under health programs. Incorrect food intake, lack of exercise, smoking or substance abuse, excessive weight, high blood pressure, and diabetes, etc., can pose a risk, causing 80% of heart-related deaths.

The spread of awareness on Heart Day internationally has proved helpful in this perspective. Their aim is to show signs of heart related diseases in public and efforts to prevent them. Despite many of these steps being very simple and omniscient, people do not adopt swara.

Awareness extension:

Know the steps of saving your heart and tell it to family and friends so that their heart can also be protected. In addition to promoting health checkup, meeting, etc., tell people about it through posters and leaflets.

Along with being aware of your health, Heart Day is the appropriate day to take the pledge to quit smoking, change your lifestyle, recognize the importance of exercise.

The purpose of Heart Day is to focus on women and children. Although some previous research has shown that cardiovascular diseases are the highest among men, but women also cannot be ignored in this perspective. Indian women account for 15% of the total number of women in the world who have heart disease.

Promoting Healthy Things:

  • The World Health Organization emphasizes the consumption of less salt to all, which is the direct cause of cardiovascular diseases. Only the food with less salt and fat in its appropriate quantity is acceptable.
  • The indicator that measures the wellness of the body is known as BMI, which depends on the height and weight of the person. To maintain a healthy weight:
  • Get BMI assessed.
  • Regularly check for high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Encourage people to use stairs, and make a habit of walking in their daily life.
  • On this World Heart Day, let us pledge to build a healthy world.
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