Google will pay Rs 5 billion to media companies for news content!!

Under a program called Google News Showcase, the company will provide Rs 6 billion to media publishers over the next three years. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the partnership will be with 500 media companies from Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Britain and Australia.

In return for providing news content, Google will provide 1 billion, or about ૭૩ 5 billion, to selected media companies over the next three years. The partnership will be with media companies under a program called Google News Showcase. The company launched a feature called Google News Showcase in Brazil and Germany.

Under this program, the news publisher will also have the freedom to pay full attention to the features and articles. This will be a different platform than the current Google News. Publishers and readers will have a different and better experience in it, Sundar Pichai said in a blog.

In this program, news which will be uploaded by news companies will have features like timeline, bullets, related articles. It will also feature video, audio and daily news briefings. It will all be available on Google’s News Showcase platform.

The program will also be launched in India, but India is not one of the countries where it has been launched so far. The company had hinted at launching this feature in India in the near future. This program will add more features to the current Google News service.

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