Special Air India One reached India!!

The wait for the Air India One aircraft is over. Air India One (AI-160), counted among the world’s most dangerous and luxury aircraft, is an impenetrable air fort that will now protect India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the air. The first of the two VVIP ‘Air India One’ aircraft purchased for the President, Vice President and Prime Minister reached India on Thursday evening.

This is nothing short of bad news for the enemies of India, because Rafael had stepped on the land of India some time ago and now Air India One also to increase the glory of Delhi. Has arrived

Explain that Air Force and Air India pilots arrived in Texas to pick up the Air India One aircraft from where it took off. The special thing is that after reaching Delhi it was not erected at Terminal-3. Rather, it was immediately moved to the technical area. There, it was also worshiped along the lines of Rafael.

Today we are going to tell you about the cost of this aircraft, the cost that comes during an hour’s journey and its features, after which you will be able to guess how this super VIP aircraft is a moving death for its enemies. . So let’s have a look.

The price of both Air India One aircraft is around Rs 8458 crore. According to reports, Rs 500 crore has been spent for this special security arrangement.

The foreign military sales deal with the US alone in these security systems cost Rs 1,365 crore.

The hourly cost of the US President’s flight of Airforce One aircraft comes to $ 1,81,000, which is about Rs.1 crore 30 lakhs according to Indian currency. In such a situation, the cost per hour during the flight of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aircraft will be similar.

Air India One aircraft will be flown by Airforce pilots. However, both these aircraft will be maintained or maintained by Air India Engineering Services Limited (AIESL).

These aircraft have been named as ‘Air India One’ or ‘Indian Air Force One’.

Air India One aircraft can fly in the air for 17 hours without stopping. This aircraft has air refueling facilities.

Missile Approach Warning System: The sensors in this warning system help the pilot to attack the missiles.

Electronic Warfare Jammer: Works to block enemy’s GPS and drone signals.

Directional Infrared Countermeasure System: It is an anti-missile system that protects aircraft from infrared missiles.

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