SuperFood Series: 8 Health Benefits of Cardamom (part1)!!

Cardamom is one of the most common spices seen in any Indian family. It is not only added to sweet and savory dishes but is also used as a mouth freshener. Essential vitamins such as Ba, iron and riboflavin, vitamin C and niacin are other major components of cardamom.

Used to fight anemia with copper, iron, riboflavin, vitamin C and niacin, which are of immense importance in the production of red blood cells and cellular metabolism, and relieve symptoms in this condition. But this soft green bean has more to do with health.

1. Improves digestion:

Have you ever wondered why fennel is a staple food after a meal? However, this is because cardamom is carminative in nature and helps to increase digestion, reduce abdominal bloating, relieve heartburn, and prevent nausea. It is believed to calm the mucous membrane so that it can function properly and eventually relieve acidity and symptoms of stomach upset. In addition, according to Ayurvedic texts, it reduces the properties of water and air in the stomach, enabling it to digest food efficiently.

If you have an indigestion, then this tip is for you. Take two to three cardamoms, a small piece of ginger, a little clove and some coriander seeds. Grind them well and eat them with warm water. It is a quick treatment for indigestion, bloating and gas.

2. To eliminate mouth odor:

If you have bad odor from your mouth and you have tried every treatment, try cardamom once. This spice has antibacterial properties, strong taste and a mild aroma. In addition, it improves your digestive system – one of the main causes of bad odor – it is very effective in removing the root cause of the problem.

Chew one cardamom every time after a meal. Alternatively, patients can drink cardamom tea in the morning to strengthen their digestive system and detoxify. Read other natural remedies to remove mouth odor.

3. Relieve acidity:

The essential oils present in cardamom help to strengthen the mucous lining of your stomach by making it a major treatment of acidity. Increasing your saliva is another way to help you. Chewing cardamom releases essential oils from it, which stimulates your salivary glands, causing your stomach to function properly resulting in an improvement in your appetite and a decrease in acidity. The essential oils of cardamom impart a cool taste and feeling that removes irritation from acidity.

Chew cardamom regularly after every meal. The best way to remove acidity is to avoid sitting immediately after eating, instead take a walk for a while chewing cardamom which will make you feel better. Here are some more natural remedies to get rid of acidity.

4. Helpful in reducing respiratory diseases:

Cardamom provides relief from respiratory problems like asthma, cough and cold etc. by increasing blood circulation in your lungs. In Ayurveda, cardamom has been considered as a hot spice that heats the body from the inside, relieving the phlegm expulsion and chest congestion.

If you have a cold, cough or chest congestion, cardamom is the best natural remedy to relieve these symptoms. All you have to do is add a few drops of cardamom essential oil to the pot of hot water while steaming. Fed up with a cold or cough? Here are some natural remedies that can give you immediate relief.

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