Apple Imagine foldable phone with a self-healing display; Minor wear and tear, scratches and dent will fix it by itself!!

Tech company Apple is popular for its powerful iPhone and the amazing features found in it. Soon, the company may also bring foldable phones to challenge Samsung, Huawei and Motorola. According to a report, Apple is working on a foldable iPhone with a self-healing display. How advanced it will be can be gauged from the fact that even minor scratches and dentures in the display will fix it by itself.

According to an Apple Insider, the company has filed a patent named “Electronic Devices with Flexible Display Cover Layers”. Which explains ways to reduce damage and to heal yourself if damage occurs. It hints that Apple’s new display will use self-healing technology.

Flexible display will also be above the hinge

According to Apple’s patent application, it may have a hinge in the foldable phone, which will allow the device to bend with the bend axis. There will also be a display above the bend axis. It can bend without any damage from the bend axis so the display can have a display cover layer with a flexible part.

First generation foldable iPhone

However, the self-healing display feature will not be included in the first generation of foldable iPhones, as Apple has already placed a large order to provide display samples to Samsung. According to the Ice Universe claim, Apple appears to have tested those sample units and ordered Samsung a new lot of foldable displays.


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