The company will employ 30,000 people in the Corona crisis!!

The Corona crisis has caused thousands of people to lose their jobs. But on the other hand, there are good opportunities for job seekers, and during the festive season, Ecom Express plans to employ 30,000 people. Ecom Express, a company that provides logistics with delivery of goods, will provide employment to the people in the next few months. This employment will be temporary. The company is hiring new people to meet the growing customer demand during the festive season.

The company had about 23,000 employees before the Corona virus crisis. The company has hired 7,500 people in the past few months to meet the growing online order demand following the lockdown. Due to the Corona crisis, citizens are preferring to order groceries, medicines and other items online.

Saurabh Deep Singh, senior vice president and chief human resources officer of the company, said the epidemic has taken the e-commerce industry to new heights. Customers are making big purchases during the festive season and we are making sure that their demand is met. We have started making appointments. This process will continue until October 10.

He said 20,000 people were employed during the festival last year. Although these jobs were temporary, one-third of them became permanent.

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