SuperFood Series: What is Star Anise? What are Health Benefits of it!!

Star anise is a dark brown star-like dry garam masala. It is also called Chakra Phool. The shape is the same as its name. It is somewhat woody, star-like in shape and about 1 inch in length and is divided into 4 to 10 sections, exactly like a star.

For many years, people of Asia, Eurasia and China like to eat it. It is used in South Indian cuisine and Chinese dishes are incomplete without it.

Star anise contains a chemical called enethole due to which its taste resembles that of liquorice, not only the taste is similar to that of liquorice but it is also similar in quality, rich in medicinal properties. It contains ingredients that can outperform bacteria, fungus. Star anise contains only a little vitamin B.

It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C as well as many minerals.

It is very easily found in any grocery shop, it is available in both powder and whole market. If you want to store it and keep it in any air tight box, it does not spoil quickly.


  • Massaging Star Anise oil helps to relieve body cramps, joint pain or arrhythmias or any bone pain.
  • A cold cold causes sore throat and if there is a lot of cough, then Star Anise tea is very beneficial at that time.
  • It is very beneficial for women who get breast feeding.
  • Its oil has antiseptic properties, which provides relief in wounds and injuries.
  • Its use gives strength to fight the diseases of old age, anxiety, monopause problem, bronchitis and diabetes.
  • Its fragrance is very good, due to which the smell of the mouth is also reduced.
  • It is also useful in flu-like diseases due to thiamol, terpinil and anethole found in its oil.
  • It increases digestive power and provides relief in bloating, gas, indigestion and constipation. Also reduces abdominal pain in children.
  • It is used as a standing spice in making pulao, biryani. It is also added to a variety of soups. It is also used to make jam.

We do not have any harm due to its consumption but we have to take its quantity into consideration.

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