A Boy playing a game online for hours dies of a heart attack!!

The mental state of the youth is deteriorating due to the obsession with online games. We have seen many cases in this regard. There have also been incidents where youngsters have lost their lives due to game addiction. Then one more such incident has come up. The phenomenon is Egyptian. Where a 12-year-old child had been playing online game PUBG for hours on end. During this time he had a heart attack and died. The child fell unconscious when his parents reached his room. He said that online game was also started in his mobile at that time.

The baby was then rushed to a hospital, where doctors confirmed he had died. According to local media reports from Mishra, the child was playing games for hours. In the mean time he didn’t even take a break. An inquiry has also been ordered into the whole incident. A fatwa has also been issued to beware of games like PUBG in Mishra after the death of a child.

Every parent should learn from this incident. They should keep an eye on what their children do on mobile and how long they play such games. All of this enslaves the gamer.

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