Mountain Dew cold drink is being sold in India after stealing its name for 17 years, now PepsiCo will have to pay compensation!!

US-based beverages company PepsiCo has been selling its famous cold drink brand Mountain Dew in India under the name of theft for 17 years. A court verdict has stamped this. The civil court of Hyderabad has upheld the rights of the Indian company Magfast Beverages, dismissing the trademark infringement case filed on behalf of PepsiCo.

What is the matter

According to Syed Ghaziuddin, chairman of Hyderabad-based Magfast Beverages, he started a drinking water business called Mountain Dew in the year 2000. The business was run across the country along with Hyderabad. In 2003, the American company PepsiCo launched its soft drink brand in India under the name Mountain Dew. During this time, PepsiCo began investigating package water sold under the same name. The company later filed an alleged trademark infringement case against Magfast Beverages in the Delhi High Court. But the Delhi High Court dismissed the case filing and appointed an Advocate Commissioner.

Supreme Court transferred case to Hyderabad

According to Ghaziuddin, he presented all papers regarding the veracity of his product to the Advocate Commissioner for investigation. After this, Ghaziuddin filed an appeal in the Supreme Court and sought to transfer the case to the Civil Court of Hyderabad. On this appeal, the Supreme Court transferred the case to Hyderabad.

Justice received after 15 years of legal battle

Ghaziuddin said that he got justice on December 31 last year after a legal battle for 15 years. The civil court of Hyderabad dismissed all PepsiCo claims. Ghaziuddin says that he won the case only in December last year, but the court order was awaited.

PepsiCo will have to pay compensation

According to Ghaziuddin, in 2004, PepsiCo filed an affidavit in the court stating that if the company loses the case, it will pay the required compensation to Magfast Beverages. However, the court has not yet fixed the compensation amount. Ghaziuddin said that this victory is the victory of all those companies who believe in the Make in India campaign of the Modi government.

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