SuperFood Series: Bay leaves get rid of many diseases (part2)!!

Bay leaf is known not only for taste but also as a treasure of health. Bay leaf used as a spice in Indian food keeps you away from many diseases. The aromatic flavored bay leaves contain essential nutrients and minerals. It contains vitamins A and C. Sharp leaves are beneficial not only for diabetes but also in many other deadly diseases.

It takes four moons to eat with the use of bay leaves, while health is also good. Its leaves are similar in appearance to eucalypt leaves. Cassia rich in medicinal properties is also beneficial in deadly diseases like cancer.

  • From a twisted stomach to constipation for a long time, the bay leaf is not less than any medicine.
  • Patients with type 2 diabetes must eat bay leaves. This makes their blood sugar level normal. It is also said that the use of bay leaves leads to good sleep.
  • Bay leaf is beneficial for you if you are having problems with sleep. You can drink pet leaves mixed with water. It is also beneficial in kidney.
  • Bay leaf is also beneficial for the health of teeth. It makes the gums strong. Vitamin C present in it helps in keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Bay leaf is rich in antiinflammatory properties due to which it is beneficial in toothache as well.
  • Bay leaf is also beneficial in kidney problems. Apart from this, several reports even say that bay leaf is beneficial even in a deadly disease like cancer.
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