SuperFood Series: Benefits of cinnamon!!

Cinnamon tree is always greenish and small shrub. The bark of its stem is picked and dried. Their shape is circular, zada, soft and brownish red in color. Cinnamon tree always brings aroma. It is used as a spice and medicine. Its oil can also be extracted. Cinnamon tree leaves are used as spices in food. They are also called bay leaves.

1. For Digestive Disorders

Cinnamon can be used in these 4 different ways to improve digestion and for gastric disorders.

In case of indigestion, stomach pain and burning sensation in the chest, you can grind cinnamon, dry ginger, cumin and cardamom in equal quantity and take it with hot water.

  • Taking cinnamon, black pepper powder and honey etc. after meals does not cause stomach upset.
  • Cinnamon prevents nausea, vomiting and laxatives.
  • To reduce constipation and gas problems, powder of cinnamon leaves and decoction is made.

2. For colds

Boil a pinch of cinnamon powder in water and add a pinch of black pepper powder and honey to it, it reduces colds, throat swelling and malaria.

3. Gynecology

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  • Cinnamon is used in uterine disorders and gonorrhea.
  • By chewing a piece of cinnamon for one month after delivery, conception can be avoided.
  • Cinnamon increases breast milk of the mother.
  • There is contraction of the uterus.

4. To enhance the taste of food

The use of cinnamon leaves and bark enhances the taste of cakes, sweets and food.

Cinnamon oil is used in perfumes, sweets and drinks.

5. Additional Utility | Other health benefits of Dalchini

  • To increase semen, take cinnamon powder in the morning and evening with lukewarm milk.
  • If there is a headache due to cold, grind it with cinnamon water and apply it on the head.
  • Cinnamon is used in oral odor and dental medicine.
  • To reduce acne, apply cinnamon powder mixed with lemon juice.
  • Cinnamon is used as a measles preventer.
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