This country will print the highest denomination, one lakh Rs note!!

Venezuela, which was on the world map as an oil reserve some time ago, is facing a dire economic situation. As the country has reached a state of starvation for every three citizens, the country has decided to print a note worth Rs 1 lakh (Venezuelan Rupee). It is understood that 71 tonnes of security paper was imported from the Italian ban capital firm. The firm exports security papers to many countries. The 1 lakh bid note is said to be the most valuable printed note in the world.

Inflation has skyrocketed in Venezuela. The devaluation of the currency has gone to such a low level that for half a lakh bids you can get half a kilo of rice or two kilos of potatoes. The note is valued at US ० 0.23. If citizens carry a bag full of notes, they can get as many necessities as they can fit in a small bag. It is also being said that this note of Rs 1 lakh is being printed so that it does not apply to the citizens to carry more notes.

The money from oil sales has never run out. Corona has been added to it. Corruption is so rampant that citizens have to pay bribes to walk. Even though it is time to sell gold and bring goods, it has become difficult for many to get two meals a day. As a result, about 3 million people have migrated to neighboring Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador and Peru since 2013. As a result, those countries have deployed their forces along the Venezuelan border.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Nicolas Maduro won the election in early 2019 but was accused of rigging the vote. So Maduro’s rival Juan Goido has declared himself president.

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