Bigg-boss fame Sana Khan leaves Bollywood for Islam after Zaira Wasim!!

Actress Sana Khan, popularly known as ‘Bigg Boss 3’, has retired from the field. He has now chosen the path of religion. As well as the showbiz business i.e. the film industry has decided to say goodbye.

Sana Khan shared this information on social media. He has sent a long post in three languages, English, Roman and Urdu. In which he said, I have left the world of entertainment to walk on the heels of humanity and service. Creator i.e. Allah will guide me on this new path of mine.

He started the post in the name of Allah and then wrote to the brothers and sisters saying, “Today I am announcing an important decision connected with my life.” I have been involved in the film industry for years. I have got all kinds of respect and fame here for which I thank you. But for a few days now I have been thinking, is the birth of a human being just to get wealth, wealth and fame? Is there no duty for our helpless and needy people?

I have now chosen the path of religion and humanity to make life better after death.

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